Digital Inclusion

Does someone you know need help with their computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone?

Our volunteers offer Digital Inclusion sessions on a one-to-one basis to help anyone who's having difficulties with their device

The help on offer

  • Using a computer for the first time and understanding the mouse and keyboard

  • Using a Smartphone for the first time and navigating around the different Apps and settings

  • Using email, Zoom, Skype or Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family

  • Ordering your groceries and having them delivered to your door

  • Searching and applying for jobs online

  • Researching your hobbies and interests

  • Using price comparison websites to find the best deals on everything from car insurance to utilities

  • Booking appointments with your doctor or hospital online

  • Looking up bus and train times and finding the cheapest fares, flights and hotel rooms

Digital Inclusion = supporting adults to be confident with technology

Being online isn't a luxury - it's a necessity

If you're offline, you're missing out on a wealth of benefits. Shopping online can save you up to £560 per year, whilst around 92% of all job vacancies require applicants to have at least basic IT skills.

There are also benefits associated with health and well-being: email, Zoom and Facebook are not only fantastic communication tools, they also play a vital role in reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation. In short, having access to the internet is empowering, liberating and seriously good fun.