Salisbury Repair Café

Next Repair Café

Saturday 14th March 10AM to 2PM

Quaker Meeting House on Wilton Road - find us

Last repair check-in at 1.30PM

Coronavirus / COVID-19:

- Please don't visit the Repair Café if you don't feel 100% fit

- Please bring your own hand wash / sanitiser

Subsequent 2020 Dates

Saturday 18th April - 10am to 2pm - Quaker Meeting House

Saturday 30th May - 10am to 2pm - Quaker Meeting House

What do we repair?

Household electricals, clothes, bicycles ....

See the full list here

New in 2020

We will be offering Digital Inclusion sessions for those that are struggling with their laptop, iPad or smartphone.

What is this about?

Rather than throwing away that broken item, bring it along and you can repair it with advice from our expert volunteers. This is a community initiative where you can learn new skills, repair your broken items and get to make new friends and socialise.

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Want to set up a Repair Café yourself?

Find guidance in How we set up Salisbury Repair Café, with essential policies, processes, forms and signs

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